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"The Wallace and Ladmo Show", the longest-running same-cast kids' show in television history (1954-1989), featured sharply observed comedy skits that satired popular films, television shows and music acts, lampooned local and national politics and mercilessly mocked the station management and program sponsors. Aiming its comedy squarely at hip adults, and never talking down to kids in the audience, it won over legions of fans of every age who still turn out by the thousands for revivals and conventions. It was the "Saturday Night Live" of its age, daring and subversive, a comedy landmark.

DIRECTOR - Sharon Kelly

WRITERS - Bill Thompson, Ben Tyler

PRODUCERS - Sharon Kelley, Russell Cunningham

CINEMATOGRAPHER - Peter Szilveszter

CAST - Ladimir Kwiatkowski, Bill Thompson, Pat McMahon, Dickie Stanley, Cathy Dresbach, Mike Condello, Harry Florian, Tim Parsons, Ben Tyler, Dan Horn

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