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RLC Motion Picture Entertainment Produces Original Australian Content For International Audiences

Born in Yuma, Arizona, Cunningham grew up with a love of movies and a desire to make a career in the entertainment industry. Starting his career in 1978 as an Associate Producer of the long running children’s TV show, The Wallace & Ladmo Show, then moving to Hollywood to learn film buying, cinema management, new builds, on-set production intelligence and promotion of pictures from all the major studios in Los Angeles.

Moving to Australia in 1984, Cunningham worked as a Publisher with Australia’s leading publishing houses before coming back into the entertainment industry working with Hoyts Cinemas.

Cunningham eventually transitioned to the production side of the industry, creating RLC Motion Picture Entertainment in 1998 where he quickly established himself as a talented and innovative producer, known for his ability to find compelling stories and bring them to life on the big screen. Throughout his career, Cunningham has produced a wide range of films, spanning multiple genres and styles. Some of his most notable films include the 2004 AFI, winning film Lennie Cahill Shoots Through and has since been credited in over a dozen motion pictures with others on his slate. Cunningham's work has been widely praised for its thought-provoking themes, strong performances, and high production values. He is known for his ability to identify emerging talent, both in front and behind the camera giving them a platform to showcase their skills, and many of the films he has produced have gone on to critical and commercial success.

He is a member of the Australian Cinema Pioneers and has twice garnered the Paul Harris Fellow Award for his charitable work with Rotary. For well over a decade, Russell consults as a Global Strategist for an International Motion Picture and Television sales company, providing considerable resources such as marketing, legal, digital deliveries to over 40 countries, as well as creative design and digital content. Russell Cunningham is a highly respected movie producer who has made a significant impact on the film industry.

Despite his many achievements, Cunningham remains dedicated to his craft and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of motion picture entertainment. He is widely respected by his peers and is considered one of the most influential movie producers working today.


Set Builds, Miniatures, wardrobe, props! Everything the script requires, We build and source.

Principal Photography

It all begins with an idea. An Idea that comes to life through groundbreaking cinematography. RLC Motion Pictures Entertainment ensures that every shot tells a story.


Finally, Post Production.

Every story beat, every cut, It all matters.




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