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Post Production and Distribution


Set Builds, Miniatures, wardrobe, props! Everything the script requires, We build and source.

Principal Photography

It all begins with an idea. An Idea that comes to life through groundbreaking cinematography. RLC Motion Pictures Entertainment ensures that every shot tells a story.


Finally, Post Production.

Every story beat, every cut, It all matters.

RLC Motion Picture Entertainment Brings You

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 2.27.24 pm cop

The Legend of Ben Hall (2017)

Ben Hall is drawn back into bushranging by the reappearance of his old friend John Gilbert. Reforming the gang, they soon become the most wanted men in Australian history.


The Wishmas Tree (2020)

A young possum's misguided wish for a white Wishmas freezes her entire hometown of Sanctuary City and threatens all who live there.

Screenshot_2020-08-31 Ruby's Balloon.png

Ruby's Balloon


A young woman meets a scentient red balloon that helps her reconnect with her overbearing father.


The Furies


A woman is Kidnapped and finds herself an unwilling participant in a deadly game where women are hunted by masked men.

Screenshot_2021-05-18 WELCOME odinseyean


An unbearably adorable, eternally optimistic Quokka named Daisy has an impossible dream - to win the 'World's Scariest Games'.

Screenshot_2020-08-31 Birth Of A Warrior

Birth of a Warrior


Abandoned by his mother and raised in a Temple, a warrior is born, a destiny fulfilled.

Screenshot_2020-08-31 Lennie Cahill Shoo

Lennie Cahill Shoots Through


An unsolved crime, a retiring cop and a dying crim determined not to take his regrets to the grave

Combat Wombat New.jpg



Maggie Diggins, a wombat turned Wonder Woman, unintentionally becomes the city's superhero after she begrudgingly saves a rookie superhero sugar glider from certain doom.

Screenshot_2020-08-31 Wallace Ladmo show


(TV Production)

"The Wallace and Ladmo Show", the longest-running same-cast kids' show in television history (1954-1989), featured sharply observed comedy skits that satired popular films, television shows and music acts, lampooned local and national politics and mercilessly mocked the station management and program sponsors. Aiming its comedy squarely at hip adults, and never talking down to kids in the audience, it won over legions of fans of every age who still turn out by the thousands for revivals and conventions. It was the "Saturday Night Live" of its age, daring and subversive, a comedy landmark.