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For Theatrical Release

After former Olympian Tommy Cage receives a notice of his ban from competitive running being lifted, he sets out to rediscover himself by training for The Stawell Gift. Along the way, Tommy must confront his past, his relationship with his father, an aging body, and a love interest caught in the middle of a father and son’s inability to communicate. Upon discovering the diagnosis of his terminally ill father, Tommy prepares for the most important race of his life. The race against time.

Starting Blocks is a heartfelt story that explores the uncertainty of tomorrow, the desire for purpose, the demands of greatness and the consequences of harboring emotions. It’s set against the backdrop of rural Australia and highlights The Stawell Gift, Australia’s longest-running and one of the world’s most famous and prestigious foot races.

DIRECTOR - Clayton Watson

WRITERS - Ethan Panizza, Taylor Danforth

PRODUCERS - Russell Cunningham, Felipe Teplitsky, Clayton Watson, Ethan Panizza, Taylor Danforth